About Us

We are a young, diverse, and a dynamic team that aims at providing solutions to students' skills development and career opportunities.

We use several focused methods as solutions to the main problem through an interactive website to get tasks and projects done in an easy and a fast process in addition to offline development activities.

We strongly believe that we have found the right way we can make students and employers enjoy an affordable hiring process with the minimum paperwork related to it. Also providing in one place different development, career and entrepreneurship opportunities that students can benefit from; during and after their studies, and take the challenge to fight the fear of taking the risk in becoming an entrepreneur through different tools our users will enjoy using comfortably.

Our Network Consists of a website called “Grezzli Network”, a Mobile App that we named “Tweamz” and it helps you match with opportunities, interests, and teams faster than ever, and in the near future we will be introducing “Startor” App that will bring more gates of matching opportunities for student entrepreneurs.