Terms and Conditions

In order to Use the service, a registration is required. The Registration requires that the User provides valid information in the provided forms and agrees to comply with these terms and Conditions of service in all its use.

Every registered User agrees to share his basic information with Grezzli’s Partners Ukko and Eezy for the purpose of providing better tools to complete the services.

After Every Service or transaction is completed, Users are required to leave a feedback to the system regarding the quality of the service they received and the other measurements.

By registering to the Service the User shall receive a right to use the Service in accordance with these Terms of Service and other instructions regarding the Service. Upon registering, the User shall provide the required registration information which allow the User to be identified and authenticated, and pick a password-protected username for the use of the Service. Impersonating as another person may be punishable as a crime.

Grezzli shall have the right to refuse access to the Service if complete User Information is not provided or if the Information is insufficient, incorrect or inappropriate, or the User does not otherwise meet the conditions for granting access to the Service.

Users are required to complete at least 60% of their profile before they are granted a full access to different tools in the platform, as well as placing bids or receiving payments.

Users must be at least 15 years of age or older to complete registration. By registering, the User assures that they are at least 15 years of age or older. A single User may have only one account. Users not complying with this term will be removed from the platform immediately.

Grezzli shall handle the personal information of registered Users confidentially and in accordance with legislation on protection of privacy.

Grezzli shall have the right to remove or freeze a User account at any time if the User is under suspicion of crime, does not follow instructions, or acts contrary to good practice.

Grezzli shall have the right to inform the authorities if the User is suspected of a criminal offence.

The User shall not have the right to assign or transfer their right of use of the Service to a third party.

Failing to comply with with these General Conditions or being a suspect of using the service in an illicit manner will lead to an immediate block and removal from the system.

The entire content of the Service is protected in accordance with the laws of Finland or other nations. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights for material, documents, data or content forming the Service belong to Grezzli.

Agreeing to these Terms you are confirming that you will not copy, publish, duplicate, hire-out, inform, send, distribute, forward or make the content of the Service publically available or authorize anybody else from doing such.

Agreeing to this terms you are confirming that you will not download, forward or share any of the content of the Service, use the Service on any device not registered, or charge any fees for viewing the Service.

No proprietorship rights to the Service or any of its content will be transferred to you.

Grezzli Confirms that they hold no responsibility for the contents provided by its users and shall not be held responsible for damages that caused by using services offered by third parties by or via the Service or Website. We guarantee our users the maximum safety we can provide, to protect your Interest, Transactions, and Contents.

If you have any problems using the service please contact: help@grezzli.com